What to expect in a Computer Science course

About this Video

Considered getting into computer science but not sure what you’re getting into? Not sure if you know enough, or if it’s the right course for you? In this video, I answer some common concerns!

Key Learning Points

  • What does a computer science student do? (2:27)
  • Is there a lot of math in computer science? (4:05)
  • Do I need a programming / computing background? (6:13)
  • What can I do to cope better if I don’t have any background? (7:40)
  • I dislike / fear / am bad at programming. Would this be a problem? (9:01)
  • Why are topics like graphics and media part of Computer Science? (10:33)
  • Why must I implement algorithm X when it already exists out there? (11:18)
  • How do I do well in Computer Science? (12:19)