Image Editing Basics – GIMP for Beginners

About this Video

We take photos all the time these days now that we always have a camera in our pockets, but sometimes the pictures come out leaving a lot to be desired.

With some basic image editing skills, you can take these pictures to the next level! And now that image editing software like GIMP are easily accessible at no cost, there’s really nothing to stop you!

Key Learning Points

  • Concept of Exposure in photography
  • Tools in GIMP to correct for exposure problems
  • Concept of framing in photography
  • Cropping images
  • Sharpening blurry images
  • Scaling (resizing) images
  • Color Correction

Resources & Downloads

Want to learn more about Color Correction? Check out this video on identifying Color Casts and addressing them!

Want to learn more about Framing your shot? Check out this episode of Friday Minis about the Rule of Thirds!