Bezier Curves

About this Video

Bezier Curves – A tool we use everywhere, in programs from Photoshop to Blender. They allow us to build smooth, yet highly customizable curves by simply manipulating some handles! In this video, we delve deeper into the math that makes Bezier Curves tick!

Key Learning Points

  • What Bezier Curves look like, and how to interact with them
  • Basic Math behind Bezier Curves
  • The Order of a Bezier Curve
  • Linking curve segments together
  • C1 Continuity for Smooth Curves

How to use FFMPEG

About this Video

FFMPEG – The unsung hero of video encoding! While extremely powerful, FFMPEG may be daunting to the beginner because it is a command line application. In the above video, we go through the steps of installation and basic use to get you started with FFMPEG – And soon you’ll discover it’s not as scary as it seems!

Key Learning Points

  • FFMPEG Installation Procedure
  • Basic FFMPEG use, ie.
    • Opening the command window
    • Specifying input and output files
  • Some intermediate operations – Filters and Effects

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