On this page, you will find web applications that serve to demonstrate or simulate things! These usually come as companion applications for videos on 0612 TV.

What happens when a signal is sampled at too low of a sampling rate? See how the reconstructed wave interactively degrades in quality as you tweak parameters! A companion to Sampling, Aliasing and Nyquist Theorem (Jun 2015)

You can interact with this HTML/JavaScript particle system by clicking and dragging sliders! A companion to Program a Particle System in 30 Minutes! (Aug 2015)

Huffman coding is a highly efficient way of compressing information, using a scheme specially tailored for your data! In this web app, see how this is made possible. A companion to Huffman Coding. (Jun 2015)

How long would a computer take to guess a password? A companion to Brute Force Attacks (Mar 2018), we enumerate just how many guesses need to be made!

A little man computer is a simple model computer that performs computation using only numbers! A companion to Little Man Computer (Jun 2016).

Image encoding techniques like JPEG use a very interesting way to represent pictorial information! It represents your image as a set of frequencies using the Discrete Cosine Transform. First introduced in JPEG Encoding Magic (Mar 2015), try your hands on DCT!

Brainf**k is an esoteric programming language characterized by its terse, symbol-only syntax. Having first seen it in Brainf**k – An Esoteric Programming Language (Jun 2017), you now have the chance to try this unique language yourself!