NERDfirst.net is the companion site to 0612 TV, a small YouTube channel dedicated to educational videos! Our videos span a wide range of topics, from college-level technical content like Data Structures and Algorithms, to day-to-day computer literacy topics!

So how do I use this site?

This main purpose of this site is to provide a convenient way to search, catalog, and get more information about the videos of 0612 TV. However, at present, this site is still in its infancy, and so many features are still not fully implemented. Hang tight, they’ll come in time!

What else do you do?

You may wish to refer to the resources page to see some little programs I’ve built! These programs may be companions to the videos on my channels, or standalone. Either way, some of them are pretty fun! I recommend the Particle System =)

Want to support me?

If you want to support my work, I’ll greatly appreciate it! You can make a one-off donation, or a recurring one via PayPal, both on my donation page. Thank you for your support!