Resources & Downloads

Some resources may be provided as supplementary content to educational material, eg. Supporting software for certain YouTube videos.

Interactive Resources

The following resources can run right here in your browser! Click and have a try!

Huffman Encoder

Generate a Huffman tree and watch Huffman Coding in action right in your browser! This tool is a companion to the video Huffman Coding, aired in June 2015.

DCT Visualizer

A fully in-browser tool to visualize the behavior of DCT matrices, used in JPEG compression! Easily tweak the DCT matrix to create interesting frequency patterns in the image, or draw on the image grid to see how the frequency domain representation changes! This tool is a companion to the JPEG Encoding Magic video, aired in March 2015.

HTML5 Particle System

A fully functional particle system that can be built in a really short time, running completely in-browser. This tool is a companion to Build a Particle System in 30 Minutes, aired Aug 19, 2015.

Little Man Computer

The Little Man Computer is a simple but powerful model of a computer. Try and program it right in your browser! This tool is a companion to the Little Man Computer episode aired June 2016. For more on how to use the LMC, check out this blog post.

Brainf**k Visualizer

Use this tool in your browser to visualize and execute Brainf**k code live! This tool is a companion to the Brainf**k episodes aired in June 2017, starting with Brainf**k – An Esoteric Programming Language.